Wednesday 8 April 2015

China Pyramid Oriental Dance troupe with Principal Richard Clark and Deputy Neil Clayton


Year 7, 8, 9 students performing Celine Dion’s song ‘Sous the Vent’.


Year 7, 8, 9 students performing Celine Dion’s song ‘Sous the Vent’


Year 2


Year 8 sketch about learning French


People of Francophone countries, acted by Year 3


Ballet by Year 5 student Rayna Diaz Turner


Opening act of the Francophone show was Sotaro Nagata of 7A playing ‘Reverie’ by Claude Debussy and ‘Novelette No. 1 in C Major’ by Francis Poulenc


Year 6 travel agents


HE Nasreddine Rimouche, Ambassador of Algeria, with Year 1 student Erwan Lim, while prefect Mustaqim bin Mohammad Iqbal looks on


On 26 March 2015 we at APIS held our Passeport Francophone (French-Speaking Passport), or Day of Speaking French.

Parents and visitors had this experience:

1. Viewed a show/concert in the Multi-Purpose Hall

(MPH), in which 190 students of all ages taking French

sang, danced and acted, showcasing their knowledge

of French language and culture, along with guest

dancers from China and Guinea, who amazed the audience

with their dancing flair and costumes;

2. Visited tables inside the MPH, where APIS students acted

as travel agents advising about a particular French-speaking

country, showing their posters and props about those countries;


3. Visited tables outside the MPH, where guest companies

from French-speaking countries exhibited their products or

4. Enjoyed buffet refreshments with a French theme.


The event was graced by special guests from the diplomatic

missions of several countries where French is spoken or

which have a tradition of French culture: Cambodia,

Algeria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Senegal, and

notably by Her Royal Highness Princess Norodom, the

Ambassador of Cambodia, and His Excellency

M. Nasreddine Rimouche, the Ambassador of Algeria.


Principal’s Address In French

Votre Altesse Royale, Vos Excellences,

Mesdames et Messieurs,
Nous sommes heureux de vous accueillir

à l’école internationale Asia Pacific. Merci

d’être venus participer à notre

“Passeport Francophone”, notre journée

dédiée à la langue française.


Nous sommes ravis d’avoir parmi nous :


Son Altesse Royale Norodom Arunrasmy,

l’Ambassadrice du Cambodge;


Son Excellence Monsieur l’Ambassadeur

de l’Algérie Nasreddine Rimouche;


De l’Ambassade de France, l’Attachée

de Coopération pour le français

Madame Pauline Vey;


Le Premier Conseiller de l’Ambassade

de Suisse Monsieur Rolf Ott;


De l’Ambassade de Belgique, Mesdames

Soumia Sassoui et Massilia Chabane; ainsi

que les représentants d’entreprises et

des artistes francophones.


Merci infiniment de votre présence

qui embellit notre fête de la Francophonie.


Merci également aux parents des

élèves participant. Il y a cent quatre

vingt dix élèves étudiant le français à

notre école, et tous participent à notre

célébration aujourd’hui.


L’idée du Passeport Francophone

est venue de nos deux professeurs

de français, Madame Aline Guibert

et Madame Raymonde Veillette.

Madame Aline est française, et

Madame Raymonde est canadienne.

Toutes deux enseignent le français

à tous les niveaux à notre école.

Elles ont travaillé dur afin d’élaborer

différents actes et faire répéter les élèves,

que vous êtes sur le point de voir. Elles

ont été aidées par l’ensemble de nos

équipes pédagogique, logistique et

informatique. Je voudrais également

remercier notre chef de marketing

Madame Celine Koh, qui a tenu le

rôle de directrice de projet, ainsi que

mes collègues de l’administration

dans l’école et dans le groupe Asia Pacific.


Nous remercions l’Ambassade

du Liban d’avoir l’amabilité

d’offrir à nos élèves un buffet

de leurs spécialités nationales.


L’ensemble de notre équipe à

l’école internationale Asia Pacific

espère que nos invités et parents

apprécieront notre spectacle ainsi

que les activités suivant celui-ci.


Maintenant, à nos élèves-interprètes

et à nos invités-artistes: ma profonde

et joyeuse estime et bonne chance. Merci.


Principal’s Address Translated into English

Your Royal Highness, Your Excellencies, Ladies

and Gentlemen,


We are pleased to welcome you to Asia Pacific

International School. Thank you for coming

to participate in our Passport Francophone,

our day dedicated to the French language.


We are delighted to have with us:


HRH Norodom Arunrasmy, Ambassador

of Cambodia;


His Excellency the Ambassador of Algeria

Nasreddine Rimouche;


From the Embassy of France, Secretary of

Cooperation for French Language Madame

Pauline Vey;


The First Counsellor of the Embassy of

Switzerland Mr. Rolf Ott;


From the Embassy of Belgium, Madame Soumia

Sassoui and Madame Massilia Chabane; as well as

business representatives and French-speaking artists.


Thank you very much for your presence,

which graces our Francophonie Day.


Also thank you to the parents of students

participating. There are one hundred and

ninety students studying French at our school

and all are participating in our celebration today.


The idea for Passeport Francophone came

from our two French teachers, Madame

Aline Guibert and Madame Raymonde

Veillette. Madame Aline is French, and

Madame Raymonde is Canadian. Both

teach French at all levels in our school.

They have worked hard to develop the

different acts and to rehearse the

students that you are about to see.

They were helped by all of our teams,

teachers, logistics and IT. I would also

like to thank our marketing manager

Ms Celine Koh, who undertook the

role of project manager, as well as

my colleagues in the administration

in the school and in the Asia Pacific group.


We thank the Embassy of Lebanon, who

have been so kind as to offer our

students a buffet of national specialties.


Our entire team at Asia Pacific

International School hope our guests

and parents will appreciate our

show and the activities following it.


Now to our student performers

and our guests artists: my

heartiest appreciation and

good luck. Thank you.

HE Nasreddine Rimouche, Ambassador of Algeria

HRH Princess Norodom Arunrasmy,
Ambassador of Cambodia,
with Year 2 student Simon D’Cruz and
Reception student Nora Lim

Year 2 students

Principal Dr Richard Clark
(left to right) Mme Pauline Vey, Secretary of Cooperation for French Language, Embassy of France, Mr Neil Clayton, Deputy Principal, HRH Princess Norodom Arunrasmy, Ambassador of Cambodia, Dr Richard Clark, Principal, M Rolf Otte, First Counsellor of the Embassy of Switzerland, Mme Massilia Chabane and Mme Soumia Sassoui from the Embassy of Belgium

ASIA PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL – Une fête sous le signe de la francophonie