Prepaid Lunch Menu


  • Asian (Main Course)
  • Western (Main Course)
  • Dessert
  • Drink


Prepaid Lunch Menus

  Prepaid Lunch Menu 2016 Week 1 - 4


  • Menu updated as at January 2016
  • Packet Drinks mentioned in the menus above refer to all types of Packet Drinks.
  • All the proposed menus are lightly flavored, while sugar and level of spiciness are extremely low (NO MSG ADDED).
  • Kindly inform the school or email to us at  if there is any allergy or special diets.
  • Additional rice will be provided for students upon request.
  • Homeroom teachers for each respective student will assist on additional request.
  • Rice dishes served for Preschool students will have additional soup/gravy.